New model: Zebra printer ZD410

Zebra printer ZD410 The Lynx, Boxer range and Marlin 52 can be equipped with a printer for optimum HACCP control. This innovative Track & Trace device improves food safety and makes sure your production process is controlled at all times.



Packaging information

Essential information such as product name, extracted vacuum level, storage temperature, date of production and shelf life are automatically printed during the vacuum packaging cycle. A printer offers many advantages for every vacuum packaging process.


  • Zebra label printer, instant thermal label. programmable information label (product name, packing and shelf life date, storage temperature, gas mix)
  • More labels available per cycle
  • Labels available for a variety of applications
  • Labels automatically removed from a residual film

New model: Zebra ZD410

At short notice, Henkelman will exchange the current model for a new one: Zebra ZD410. This new printer only operates on software version 90. No changes will occur in the labels that can be used. The new printer is available for Henkelman's Lynx and Boxer series and for the Marlin 52.