Food packaging helps improving food quality and saving money

toepassingen-vlees1.jpg A lot of food is vacuum packed, mainly because it extends the shelf life. Henkelman offers a suitable vacuum packaging solution for every application.


Fit for food products

Meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, cheese, soups or ready meals? Bulk or individual products? Henkelman always have the right vacuum packaging machine for your specific wishes and requirements. Choosing the right vacuum packer can be so easy...

Our vacuum packers

Advantages of vacuum packing food

  • Extended shelf life of food products
  • No loss of product
  • Improvement of food quality
  • No contamination
  • Prevention of freezer burn
  • Optimal product and storage possibilities
  • Professional product presentation
  • Optimal packaging, compatible with food safety and HACCP standards

Vacuum technology

Vacuum extraction... how does it work? The vacuum pump extracts the air from the product, the bag and the chamber. This prevents the aerobian bacterias from vastly multiplying, putting a hold on the deterioration of the food product. This way you can store, prepare and serve your products for an extended period of time. Enjoy the benefits of vacuum packaging with Henkelman equipment.