Vacuum packaging helps saving money and cuts the costs

toepassingen-horeca.jpg Vacuum packaging food brings several advantages, especially for hospitality and catering. Save money, cut the costs. Enjoy the benefits of a vacuum packer!


Extension of shelf life

Depending on the product and its freshness the shelf life can be increased by a factor two to six. Therefore, less food is being thrown away.

Better purchasing conditions

Because of the fact that the shelf life is being extended, the catering company can purchase larger amounts of food at more competitive prices. Besides, transport costs fall.

Improvement kitchen processes

By preparing and portioning food in advance, it becomes easier to control the peaks in your business. This leads to a better personnel organisation in the kitchen and savings in costs.

Better hygiene and storage

Vacuum packaging stimulates hygiene. After all, nothing comes in or leaves the package. Vacuum packaging makes sure fridges stay cleaner for a longer period of time. Cleaning is still necessary of course, but less often. Furthermore, the available space in the fridge can be used more efficient by stacking food products, even if it concerns different types of food products.

Better quality

Products don't dry out, thus weight and taste are maintained. The tenderness of meat is being improved by vacuum packaging as well. While storing the meat in the vacuum sealed pouch, the maturing process continues.

Why choose Henkelman?

How can Henkelman vacuum packaging machines optimise your kitchen processes and improve the quality of your prepared meals and dishes? Zoran Golubovic, Chef of Baccanale in Baku, Azerbaijan, explains why he has chosen Henkelman.    

Chef Zoran about his Henkelman