Consumer and industrial goods

toepassing-industrie Vacuum packing is not only suitable for food products, but also for consumer and industrial goods. It protects and saves on storage and transport costs.


Airtight package

Different branches already have discovered the possibilites of an airtight package, also for non food-products. Therefore, there is a huge diversity of vacuum packed products. Renowned companies like Cartier, Peugeot and Laboratoires Boiron use our machines to provide their products with optimum packaging.

Advantages industrial packaging

  • Protection and volume reduction
  • No external dirt nor dust
  • Delay of corrosion and no moisture
  • No more scratches and chafing during transport
  • Certain plastics and rubber don't dry out
  • Composite packages are guaranteed complete
  • Savings on storage and transport costs
  • Prevention of fraud

Packing in a clean room

Henkelman's vacuum packaging machines are also suitable for clean rooms. The vacuum pump is installed outside the clean room. An extension outlet can be placed on the machine's pump. To be combined with a Busch dry running pump with no oil-polluted air emissions.

Safe storage for every branche

  • Museums: protection and volume reduction
  • Police: evidence containing DNA material
  • Jewellers: silver jewellery stored without discolouration
  • Dental technology: safe storage and transport of moulds and prosthetics
  • Chemical: safe storage of hazardous materials and substances
  • Textile: less volume, no moisture, no insects in the clothing