Sous-vide cooking is a culinary technique using controlled temperatures

toepassingen_sous-vide Vacuum packing is a must for sous-vide cooking, a cooking technique for every professional kitchen. Cost-efficient and with high-quality culinary results.


Vacuum cooking technique

With the right table-top or floor model vacuum packer, sous-vide cooking or vacuum cooking is really easy actually. It is a simple and effective method of culinary preparation based on underwater submersion of vacuum-sealed bags in controlled temperatures. Sous-vide cooking is especially suitable for the preparation of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, sauces, soups, pastry, main dishes and desserts.

Main advantages

  • Constant high-quality culinary results
  • Cost-efficient cooking method
  • Natural and flavourful, healthy and low-fat
  • No loss of weight and taste
  • Hygienic and rapid food preparation 

Sous-vide in your kitchen?

From small to large enterprises, single serving or batch cooking, sous-vide is affordable and fast. Attractive prices and low maintenance offer professional chefs superior value for money, providing faster return on initial investment. Competitive pricing, 100% reliability and the low costs of maintenance make Henkelman vacuum packers a must-have in every kitchen.


Recently, Henkelman organised a showcooking event during Gulfood in Dubai, in close partnership with one of our trusted distributor TSSC and sous-vide chef Heiko Antoniewicz. See below a quick preview of the benefits of sous-vide cooking. Part 2 Vacuum packaging and part 3 Sous-vide cooking will follow soon.