Next level vacuum packaging machines that smarten up food packaging

Neo 42

Advanced table-top model with additional functionality. The Touch control panel and contemporary design qualify this model as a true eyecatcher. Including VacAssist app.

Henkelman NEO-2144

The Neo series offer endless benefits

Touch control

Touch control and app

Basic programming on the machine, more functions in the app
Henkelman NEO-2169

Improved design

Round edges, welded chamber to the chassis, new gas spring

Busch Pump

powerful, reliable and maintenance-friendly
Upgraded and improved range of vacuum packaging machines that offer advanced technology with additional app functionality. Brings balance into the kitchen.
  • Standard Sensor control
  • Bluetooth connection for remote control
  • Optimal hygiene
  • Removable wireless seal bars
  • Various dimensions
  • Full option machine
  • Stainless steel housing
  • User-friendly interface
  • VacAssist app
  • Practical table-top machine
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Body. Brains. Balance.

More tools to the kitchen

Transformation of a vacuum packaging machine into an intelligent device that brings more tools to a kitchen.

The Neo series open the doors to advanced vacuum packaging technology for a bigger group of chefs. Basic programming can be done on the machine. More functionality is available in the VacAssist app.




Food packaging


Sous-vide cooking

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