Vacuum sealing jars

Published on 11 October 2017

Jar Vacuum sealing food products in glass jars is easy and has many interesting advantages. Henkelman's distributor Plastipack shares its experiences with this vacuum packaging technique.

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New NEO smartens up food packaging

Published on 02 October 2017

Henkelman NEO-2133 With its Neo series, Henkelman brings vacuum packaging technology to the next level. Advanced technology with additional functionality. These new series contain table-top models with body thanks to the contemporary, improved design. And brains, because of the extensive and intuïtive operation. Your benefit? Neo brings balance in every commercial kitchen.

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Vacuum packaging with High Temp

Published on 13 July 2017

High Temp Sippoo 3 Sippoo is a turistic region in the Southern part of Finland. Markus Manner is responsible for the meals that are distributed to the local schools and nurseries in the area. He uses 3 Henkelman vacuum packaging machines. Two of them are equipped with High Temp option. "The machines are easy to use and fully meet with our expectations in terms of efficiency and performance."

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Chef Pavlovic about his Henkelman

Published on 07 July 2017

IMG_1863 "I can't imagine my kitchen without a vacuum packaging machine." Davor Pavlovic, Chef at Banja Restaurant in Serbia, has been working with his Boxer 35 for a while now and it has saved him time and money. At the same time, his Henkelman enables him to optimize his kitchen logistics and storage.

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