These vacuum packers are powerful tools for food preparation

Logo Baccanale Zoran Golubovic is the chef of Baccanale in Azerbaijan. Baccanale is a trendy café-restaurant situated near the port of Baku. Henkelman's distributor in Azerbaijan, NK Horeca, supplied Zoran with a new Boxer 42 with ACS.


Benefits of vacuum packing

Vacuum packing is a method of storing and preserving food in an airless environment, usually in air-tight pouches to prevent the growth of micro-organisms. Zoran explains the benefits of vacuum packaging: 'Tangible advantages can be gained in the kitchen through vacuum packing. For example, products can be stored for several days longer without any deterioration in quality.'

Saving money, cutting costs

But there is more. Zoran: 'In my experience vacuum packing offers many benefits. Henkelman's Boxer is a powerful new tool for food preparation and innovation. And even more important, Henkelman vacuum packaging machines save a lot of money by cutting the costs.'

Baccanale - Zoran

Sous-vide cooking

Zoran uses his Henkelman vacuum packaging machine both for the sealing of fresh portions of meat, vegetables, nuts and garnishes, and for the easy stacking and efficient storage of products in the refrigerator. Zoran: 'I use Henkelman's Boxer 42 with ACS to hermetically seal food portions for sous-vide cooking. Many chefs also use vacuum chamber machines to quickly infuse marinades into meat and seafood, saving up to a day of advanced preparation.'

Quality brand

Regarding the quality of Henkelman, Zoran says: 'I work in the hospitality industry for more than 25 years, so I had the opportunity to work in many countries with many chefs and many different vacuum packaging systems. The last ten years I exclusively work with Henkelman vacuum packaging machines. To me personally Henkelman is the best.'

Curious? Baccanale is definitely worth the visit!

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