"Packing at a high temperature brings us more efficiency and lower costs"

High Temp Sippoo 3 Sippoo is a turistic region in the Southern part of Finland. Markus Manner is responsible for the meals that are distributed to the local schools and nurseries in the area. He uses 3 Henkelman vacuum packaging machines. Two of them are equipped with High Temp option. "The machines are easy to use and fully meet with our expectations in terms of efficiency and performance."

Kitchen applications

Markus' kitchen staff vacuum packs different meals and ingredients. "We pack both cold and warm foods. And liquids, such as soups and sauces. For example, we vacuum pack potato casseroles with cream, ham and spices all in the same bag. When we prepare lasagna, we vacuum pack all the dry ingredients in one bag, and the meat, onions and the liquid sauce in another bag.


When the bags go to the receiving kitchen, both bags are combined in one food container and being put in the oven. So instead of using plastic boxes and any dishes being transported back to our main kitchen, the bags are economical in transport as far as space and efficiency is concerned, and there is less waste left. Besides, the portioned vacuum packs cool very rapidly and the bags are cheap to use.


Using the Henkelman's High Temp option requires some testing and experimenting in advance. Markus: "Kimmo Remes of Finnvacum helped us determine the settings. The food products we offer, we vacuum pack at about 70 degrees Celsius using High Temp at 3 steps, offset - 10.0 mbar."

About High Temp

Extend shelf life

To ensure food quality and food safety, Markus Manner and his colleagues tested the Sippoo meals in a laboratory environment by a team of food technologists. Their scientific research resulted in a maximum shelf life of 7 days. Markus declares: "We use 5 days, because this period of time is in accordance with our logistics strategy."  


Markus Manner and his team are very content with their vacuum packaging machines and the support Henkelman's authorized distributor provides. "The machines are easy to use and fully meet with our expectations in terms of efficiency and performance. We decided to buy 3 machines instead of one big one in order to have at least one working in case of any damage or maintenance being done. One of the criterions was that the technical service should be nearby. The presence of Finnvacum nearby and their technical and sales support were the decisive factors for us."

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