Henkelman’s 1-2 Cut-off seal: developed for diptanks and steam tunnels

1-2 Cut-off seal With 1-2 Cut-off seal, Henkelman brings its seal technology to the next level. 1-2 Cut-off seal consists of one 3.5 mm convex seal wire and one 1.1 mm round cutting wire. The only difference with Cut-off seal is the possibility to adjust the time settings of the seal and cutting wire separately.


Sealing shrink bags

Shrink bags in general and some vacuum pouches are made of very resistant but thin foil. Due to these specifications, it is difficult to use one single setting time for both sealing and cutting. The seal time needs to be short for the thin material, and the cut-off time needs to be longer. Henkelman’s 1-2 Cut-off seal permits you to program the seal and cut-off time separately. For example, 1.4 seconds seal time and 3.5 seconds cut-off time.


This technology is of special use when products get shrank in a diptank or steam tunnel after they have been vacuum packed. You can extend the cutting time compared to the seal time. Henkelman specifically developped this seal system for the easy removal of the rest foil of shrink and thicker bags.

Convex seal

For its Double seal, Cut-off and 1-2 Cut-off seal options, Henkelman only works with convex seal wires. This permits the easy separatation of the food residu along the seal wire. Compared to standard flat wire seals, the convex seal wire offers a much stronger seal resistance.

More info

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