Suitable for vacuum packaging food and non-food products

Bi-active seal You may want to consider a vacuum packaging machine with Bi-active seal when you use aluminium bags or other thick bags of more than 180 microns. These types of bags are more difficult to seal, so an advanced seal system would be a smart choice.


Two side seal

Bi-active seal offers seal bars on both the inside of the lid and on the front side of the vacuum chamber. This way the vacuum bag is sealed on both sides of the bag, for a better and guaranteed vacuum pack result. The seal wires are being heated at around 170 °C to firmly close the vacuum bags. This technology is also referred to as dual bottom and top seal system.

Industrial packaging

Henkelman’s Bi-active seal technology is often used in the non-food industry, for vacuum packing aluminium bags to pack delicate products, such as semi-conductors, PCB’s, computer parts and hard drives. This offers the necessary protection from moisture and dust.

Vacuum packing food

Furthermore, a Bi-active seal can be of great use in the food industry, when flat bottom folded aluminium bags are used with four layers of foils to be sealed, such as coffee bags. Only Henkelman’s Bi-active seal technology can do the job!

Know-how of seal technology

The know-how of Henkelman goes much further. Please do not hesitate to discuss your specifications and applications with our advisors. Together we analyse the possible addition of seal pressure, the most suitable seal bar configuration for maximum output, and our recommendations for the ideal seal solutions related to your product and process.

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