Cut-off seal technology is a must for professional vacuum packaging

Cut-off seal Henkelman’s Cut-off seal system consists of one 3.5 mm convex seal wire and one 1.1 mm round cutting wire. Hence, you can easily tear off the residual plastic bag. Henkelman’s Cut-off seal technology is available for free on all models.


Ideal seal solution

Cut-off seal is the most popular one within Henkelman’s range of seal systems. Simply because it offers the most attractive advantages and aesthetic results.

  • The opening of the bag is always clean. So you don’t have to clean it anymore. Imagine the time this saves…
  • It’s hygienic, because you avoid cross-contamination due to bacteria’s remaining in the opening of the vacuum pouch
  • Better product presentation 

Cut-off versus Double seal

Most of the vacuum packaging machines available on the market are featuring a Double seal system with two flat wires for double safety. Compared to Double seal, Henkelman's Cut-off seal option is more hygienic than Double seal, since you can easily tear off the residual plastic of the bag, and it looks more professional.

Convex seal

Henkelman works with convex seal, because it offers the best result. Flat wires, that are the standard in the field of vacuum packing technology, smash the food residu between the foils of the bags. This increases the risk of leakage. Henkelman’s convex seal wire technology empowers a much stronger seal resistance thanks to the easy separation of the food residu.

More info

Would you like to know more about Cut-off seal or other Henkelman seal solutions? Please contact our sales or technical support.

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