ACS offers a full colour screen with user-friendly interface

ACS Henkelman's Advanced Control System (ACS) represents a new generation of control boards. The ACS panel has special advantages, such as the animated packaging cycle, 20 programs that can be personalized, service data storage and HACCP compatibility.


Combination with label printer 

The special control panel can be combined with a thermal label printer and is programmable on your computer. Several parameters can be set, such as the names of programs, label contents, customer identification and vacuum level. Once the parameters are saved on your USB-key, you can use the import function to download the complete settings on the vacuum packing machine.


The ACS gives you the possibility to store 20 programs and more than 90 product labels within only a few minutes. Use the following link to set programs and labels on your computer:

Software version 80

Please note that your machine must be updated with software version 80 to upload the files from the USB key. If this is not the case, please contact your supplier to update your vacuum packaging machine.


Please find more information about all the features and benefits in the special folder

Main advantages ACS

  1. 20 programs with product names
  2. Custom designed software for your PC
  3. Compatible with a high quality thermal label printer
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Secured acces and HACCP compatible

Advanced Control System is available as from the Boxer series