The Easy Clean Concept extends the life span of your vacuum packer

easy clean No matter which one of Henkelman's vacuum packaging machines you chose, one thing is for sure: your operator can easily clean it. Inside and out. All our vacuum pack equipment is designed especially to this purpose. Some examples of smart design solutions.


Smart design

Henkelman has made some smart design and construction solutions. For example, the smooth, deep drawn vacuum chambers in all bench top models and the fact that every corner is easy to reach. Besides, the Polar and Lynx series have smooth work surfaces and there are no cables or welding seams in the chamber. Furthermore, the seal bars and insert plates are easy to remove, and the fitted casing facilitates quick and easy cleaning (IP65 on Polar and Falcon series).

Pump maintenance program

The pump is the heart of your vacuum packaging machine. For that, it is absolutely necessary that it is being held in perfect condition. Every Henkelman vacuum packaging machine is equipped with a pump conditioning program. Easy to activate with the click of a button.

  • Extraction of moisture from the oil in the pump
  • Cleaning of the pump
  • Prevention of corrosion
  • Only press the C-button to activate

Would you like to know more about Henkelman's Easy Clean concept? Please contact us or download our manuals in the Support menu.

Daily maintenance

  1. First check the oil level
  2. Then select the C-program to clean the pump 3-5 times a week
  3. Close the lid to run the program
  4. The C-program runs for 15 minutes
  5. The lid opens automatically

More info about preventive maintenance in the manuals. Only click Support.