For safety: ESD option

LOGO_ESD ESD is the abbreviation of electrostatic discharge. Whenever ESD occurs during the vacuum packing cycle, it can cause damage to the product. Therefore, Henkelman equipped certain models in the Boxer and Falcon series with ESD technology.


Prevention of damage

With Henkelman's ESD option you can prevent the following negative effects on specific components:

  • Breakdown of insulation
  • Breakdown of semiconductors
  • Amalgamation of conductive networks
  • Emergence of untraceable errors
  • Deterioration of component performance
  • Premature component failure

The ESD option is often used for vacuum packing electrical components, such as wafers, chips, motherboards and prints. Ensure optimum ESD security and use special ESD vacuum bags in combination with a vacuum packaging machine equipped with ESD technology.

Boxer 42XL ESD


Extensive tests have demonstrated the validity of the ESD option. For the models Falcon 52, Falcon 80 and Boxer 42XL ESD, a TÜV (Technical Surveillance Association) inspection report is available.

 ESD Vacuum Bag

Use ESD vacuum bags with ESD vacuum packaging machines