Sensor Control with boiling point detector

Liquid control Wet and liquid products quickly reach their boiling point during the vacuum cycle. Reducing the container pressure below atmospheric pressure causes fluids to boil at room temperature and cooks products when cold. Henkelman has therefore equipped the vacuum sensor with Liquid Control.

Boiling point detection

When you activate Liquid Control, the sensor quickly and accurately detects the evaporation of the moist or liquid product. This way the boiling point is detected, the machine stops extracting the air and starts the sealing of the pouch. As a result, you prevent damage to both the product and the vacuum packer. For an optimal vacuum packaging result!

Pack cold

There is a way to prevent liquid or moist food products from boiling. You should vacuum pack them as cold as possible, preferably below 7 °C. Should the product in the vacuum chamber reach its boiling point (this depends on the product), you can activitate Liquid Control to stop the product from boiling any further.


  • The product doesn't lose any moisture
  • The package and the machine don't get dirty
  • The oil in the pump keeps its quality
  • The pump is prevented from corrosion
  • Optimum cycle time, since the vacuum cycle does not take longer than needed
  • Products are not spoiled and do not dry out due to the boiling

This is how it works

  1. Activate Liquid Control
  2. Close the lid to start the vacuum cycle
  3. The sensor makes the vacuum process stop at boiling point
  4. The sealing starts automatically

Liquid Control is available on all models as from the Boxer series