Create better marinades. Tasteful, quick and easy.

Marinating Use your vacuum packaging machine to marinate meat, fish, fruit or vegetables. Henkelman’s marinating option, one of the functions of the Advanced Control System, makes it easy.


How does it work?

Marinating is an option that is used for creating better marinated food products. Just put the marinated product in the chamber and start the vacuum packaging cycle. Thanks to smart software, the structure of the meat is being opened so to speak, which enables the marinade to maximally penetrate the meat’s veins. This opens the cell structure, which enables the product to fully absorb the marinade. Tasteful. Quick. Easy.

Advantages Marinating option

  • More intense flavours
  • More tasteful result
  • No extra equipment necessary
  • Quicker marinating process compared to the traditional way
  • Easy to program with the ACS


Henkelman's Advanced Control System (ACS) represents a new generation of control boards. The ACS panel has special advantages, such as the animated packaging cycle, 20 programs and more than 90 product labels that can be personalized, service data storage and HACCP compatibility.


Would you like to know what Henkelman's Marinating can do for your specific application? Please contact our support department in case of any technical or sales questions.


  1. Place the product
  2. Navigate through the menu and activate the Marinate function
  3. Set the end vacuum and choose the number of steps
  4. Go back to the start-up screen and close the lid

Marinating is available for all models equipped with Advanced Control System