Prevent drip, increase quality

Rot Fleisch Can you extend the shelf life of red meat? You can now! Henkelman is the first in the market to develop the preventative Red meat program for this purpose. This prevents drip or leakage of meat moisture.

What's the problem?

Red meat contains a high percentage of water. Mixed with a protein called myoglobine, this water gives meat its red colour. If meat is exposed to low pressure during the vacuum process, meat moisture leaks out. Also bubbles of gas appear, escaping from the meat. This could have a negative effect on the vacuum package. Henkelman's Red meat program prevents this.

How does it work?

Before sealing the vacuum bag, it is being aerated by injecting a small amount of air really fast. This stops the process of the bubbling of the meat moisture. After that, the vacuum bag is being sealed. This function generates a significant improvement of the quality of the vacuum package. 


  • No drip, thus no loss of moisture from the meat
  • No formation of air bubbles
  • Tighter packing
  • Better presentation
  • Longer shelf life
  • Improvement of product quality


  1. Set the Red meat program
  2. Close the chamber lid to start the cycle

The Red meat program can be programmed as standard on all machine models as from the Boxer series