Regardless the volume, the pre-set end vacuum is always achieved

Sensor control Vacuum packaging machines equipped with Sensor Control calculate when the set percentage is achieved. In other words, the desired end vacuum is always reached, regardless the volume. That is the main advantage of Henkelman's option Sensor Control. Very practical to vacuum pack varying amounts of products.

Regulating the vacuum process

The first phase of the vacuum packing cycle is extracting air from the product, the bag and the chamber. As soon as the desired amount of air is removed, the vacuum pack machine goes on to the next phase. The vacuum cycle can be regulated at three different levels:

  • Time Control  (set by time)
  • Sensor Control (set by percentage)
  • Liquid Control with boiling point detection

Time Control

For Time Control set the desired time. An average cycle varies from 15 to 40 seconds. The vacuum pump extracts air from the vacuum chamber for the set time, whether or not the target end vacuum is being reached. The duration of the vacuum process depends on the product and the desired end vacuum. Then it is easy to adjust the time.

Sensor Control

In order to use Sensor Control set the desired end vacuum to the right percentage (0 to 99%). The vacuum pump extracts air from the chamber up until the moment that the exact pre-set end vacuum has been reached. Regardless the volume of the product the pre-set end vacuum is always achieved.

Advantages Sensor Control

  • Constant final result: always exactly the same end vacuum
  • User friendly: you don't have to keep adjusting the time setting
  • Optimum cycle time: automatic stop after the end vacuum has been achieved

Liquid Control

Do you vacuum pack liquid or wet products regularly? Let us inform you about Liquid Control.

This is how it works

  1. Set the desired end vacuum (0-99%)
  2. The vacuum pump extracts air until the exact pre-set end vacuum has been reached
  3. Regardless the volume the pre-set end vacuum is always achieved

Sensor Control is available as from the Boxer series