Cooking vacuum packed food at a consistent low temperature

What is sous vide cooking?

Use a vacuum packer for sous vide

Sous-vide cooking in steps

What is sous vide cooking? Sous-vide or vacuum cooking is a simple but efficiënt cooking technique that ensures every product being cooked at exactly the right, constant and low temperature in a bath or oven. Sous vide cooking has many advantages:

• Consistent high-quality
• 100% natural, healthy cooking
• A true time saver
• Cost efficient cooking method
• Optimized kitchen organisation
• Suitable for small and large groups
• Optimal hygiene

Cooking vacuum packed food at a consistent low temperature. That’s the basic principle of sous-vide. The main steps to take: preparation, vacuum packing, cooking and cooling down. Meat, fish, fruit and vegetables are cut, peeled and placed in a bag with extra herbs and spices, then vacuum packed, cooked, cooled, served or stored.

Start with portioning the food you wish to prepare. Cut the meat or fish, peel the fruits and vegetables and put the food in a vacuum bag. Add any herbs and spices you like. Salt, thyme, basil, lemon grass. Anything. A touch of butter will do miracles as well. Just put it in the bag and make sure the bag is properly placed in the vacuum chamber.

In order to vacuum pack the food properly, operate the machine by setting time control, sentrol or liqui control. In case your machine is equipped with Advanced Control System, you can also use one of the extra functions, such as Marinating, for your special application. This way your vacuum packaging machine brings more tools to your kitchen.

Put the vacuum package in a hot water bath or oven and cook it at a low temperature. Due to the low temperature, it can take up to several hours before the packed food is ‘done’. Either serve your food directly or finish it by frying it shortly in a pan for example. If not served directly, make sure you cool first before storing it in the refrigerator.

One very important stage of sous-vide cooking is the cooling down of your packed and cooked food. This can be done the natural way by leaving it outside the refrigerator. Or by using a blastchiller to speed up the cooling down process. No matter which method you choose, make sure to follow all food safety regulations.

And then, finally, dinner can be served. To all guests at the same time. Great quality, fantastic taste. Great timing. Enjoy!

Your sous-vide packages are perfect for storage. Vacuum packed, portioned and fresh. Ready to use at any time!

For inspiration, recipes and more information about sous vide cooking and sous vide cooking equipment watch our Kitchen of the Future series . Every year International Sous vide Day is celebrated on the 26th of January, find our more about this celebration and the special events on our ISVD page or blog.

Sous vide cooking equipment

Choose the right sous vide machine

Henkelman offers a wide range of vacuum sealers. To choose the right machine is not always easy. The type of product, the size and the number to be packed per day are important in choosing the right machine. If you need advice in making your choice, please contact us!

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