What are the benefits of vacuum sealing non food products?

Use an industrial vacuum sealer for your non food product

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An industrial vacuum sealer for countless applications

Why vacuum pack non food products?

A vacuum sealer has become a common asset in several non-food sectors, especially in electronical, mechanical, medical and financial industries. The choice for the appropriate model depends on the type of product, its size and other characteristics. Find out what the benefits can be to use a vacuum sealer for your non food product.

A vacuum package ensures an optimal protection against external influences, such as dirt and dust. Furthermore, an airtight package prevents corrosion because moisture is being kept away from the product. These are the most important reasons to vacuum pack valuable, fragile products, such as computer chips, PCB’s, watches and important paper documents. Scratches and scrapes are also being prevented, for example during transport. Finally, certain plastics and rubber products are being protected against dehydration by means of an airtight vacuum package.

During the vacuum packaging cycle all air is being extracted from the product and the vacuum bag, so the final, vacuum packed result will be more compact than the original product. As a consequence, this results in significant  savings on storage and transport. This can be
profitable for a wide variety of products, such as cash receipts, money, documents and textile fabrics.

Vacuum packing secures the intact status of composed packages. After being sealed, the packages are 100% complete and don’t require extra checks during the different production phases. A good example is the package of car parts that are being transported through the different halls during the production process of a car.

Finally, it’s impossible to commit fraud on vacuum packed money, documents and valuable goods. Once being opened, the seal of the secured package has been broken and thus the guarantee of a complete package will expire. In specific cases, Henkelman provides the possibility to print a date and user code in the seal.

Sometimes it is necessary to protect special electronical parts from electrostatic discharge during the packaging cycle. For this matter Henkelman has developed the option ESD technology for the Boxer 42XL, Falcon 52 and Falcon 80.

Safely package your non food product

Choose the right vacuum sealer

Henkelman offers a wide range of vacuum sealers. To choose the right machine is not always easy. The type of product, the size and the number to be packed per day are important in choosing the right machine. But the material and size of the vacuum bag also determine, for example, what kind of sealing system should be used. If you need advice in making your choice, please contact us!

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