Celebration of International Sous vide Day

ISVD 2019

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By Cuisine Solutions

Sous vide dining experience

On January 26, Cuisine Solutions has been hosting exclusive events around the world including a charitable sous vide dining experience at the Embassy of France in Washington, D.C. At 6 PM (EST), guests have explored the modern French roots of the sous vide technique and enjoyed innovative cuisine and craft cocktails prepared by Cuisine Solutions’ talented chefs. Chef Bruno Bertin was the Head Chef of the ISVD culinary team, and Henkelman had provided a vacuum packaging machine to ensure the professional packaging, marinating and impregnation of all ingredients and compositions.

Boxer 35
Cooking at the French Embassy, Washington

Meet Bruno Bertin's Culinary Team

Must-have for sous-vide cooking

Boxer 35 with Advanced control

On International Sous Vide Day, the culinary team of Cuisine Solutions used a Henkelman Boxer 35 with Advanced control panel and the Liquid control option to vacuum pack, marinate and infuse fish, meat, vegetables, soups and sauces.

Events in Lyon and Bangkok


On International Sous Vide Day, Cuisine Solutions also hosted events at the Sirha in Lyon and at Chef's Ian Kittichai's Cuisine Concept Kitchen Lab in Bangkok. Team Henkelman is proud be part of these events. #ILOVESOUSVIDE

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