By Chef Mikel Anthony, Chef's Roll Test Kitchen

Duck egg custard

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Ingredients and method of prep

Duck egg custard

Heat the cream (600 grams) just to scalding point or 70 ºC and incorporate into 160 grams of yolks and 3 grams of salt tempering slowly. Strain and rest for 30 minutes. Pour into a vacuum bag and vacuum seal under liquid control function. Then sous vide for 1 hour at 80 ºC. Pour into sanitized (light boil) hallowed egg shells for presentation and into refrigeration to set and chill.

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On plate

Garnish with smoked salmon, bacon, dill, caviar and sherry vinegar

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Henkelman recommends

Chef Mikel Anthony uses a Henkelman Boxer 35 vacuum packaging machine in his Test Kitchen. Read more on this table-top model and related chamber machines. The next episode has been scheduled for Tuesday October 15th. So stay tuned!