By Chefs Melanie Stagnaro and Anthony Nicolas Stagnaro, Kitchens of the future

Flavours of Carrot Cake and Tropical themed dessert

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Kitchens of the Future

Fifth Episode with Melanie and Anthony Nicolas Stagnaro

In this episode of Chef's Rolls Kitchens of the Future, Pastry chefs Melanie Stagnaro and Anthony Nicolas Stagnaro make a "Flavors of Carrot Cake" dessert and a tropical themed dessert using a Henkelman vacuum sealer, a Rational, iCombi Pro, and an Irinox blast chiller, demonstrating how these tools allow them to reduce prep time and increase control and consistency in their dishes. The equipment helps to keep recipes consistent, so that other cooks can make the dishes and they know it's going to come out perfect every time.

Flavours of Carrot Cake dessert
Ingredients and method of prep

Flavours of Carrot Cake dessert

For the cream cheese ice cream, put it in the blast chiller to quickly set it and keep
the consistency smooth and scoopable. Being in a San Diego kitchen, the kitchens usually get super
hot and using the blast chiller keeps the consistency the same.

To make the carrot granita, use juiced carrots, lemon juice, and sugar. Mix it all together and put it in the blast chiller to cool it down really quickly and create a nice shaved ice consistency.

Make Swiss meringue in bain marie. Whip it to a medium stiff peak and I pipe it onto a parchment
line sheet tray. To dehydrate it, put it in the Combi oven. Using the combi oven to make
meringues is really great because it pulls all the extra moisture out of the air without browning
the meringue.

To make the candied baby carrots, slice them very thin, put them in a vacuum bag with some simple syrup, star anise, and cinnamon. Use the Henkelman vacuum sealer to quickly compress the carrot to really infuse the flavours of the spices.

With meringues and candied baby carrots


Put a tablespoon of the carrot granita on a plate. Add some meringues and candied baby carrots next to them. Add a scoop of cream cheese ice cream in the middle and decorate with edible flower leaves.

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Tropical themed dessert
With lime curd

Tropical themed dessert

This dessert is inspired by some of their favourite tropical flavours.

To make the lime curd, take egg yolks, sugar, and lime juice and blend them together. Put the mixture in a vacuum cooking bag and move over to the Henkelman Vacuum sealer. The great thing about the vacuum sealer is it has different levels. For this setting,  you can choose the liquid control. With this function the product doesn't overflow and you can get the proper pressure that you desire. With all these features there are so many different things that you can do in the vacuum sealer.

Place the curd in the Combi oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes on full steam. Using a combi oven for something like this is great because it cuts the time in half. Instead of standing over a double boiler, you simply bag  it up and place it in the combi and it is done.

Tropical themed dessert

Coconut sorbet, mango batons and coffee streusel

For the coconut sorbet, take boiled water, rain in dehydrated sugar, then pour over coconut puree and place it into the blast chiller to cool the product down to the desired consistency. For the poached mango batons, compress them in olive oil in the Henkelman vacuum sealer. After that take them to the combi oven using the steam function. Do 100 steam to poach the mango baton. For the coffee streusel, take coconut, coffee, sugar, flour and melted butter. Place the streusel in the combi-oven on convection setting on low fan.

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Put a tuft of lime curd on a plate. Place two mango batons next to it. Add two small tablespoons of coffee streusel. Finish by adding a scoop of coconut sorbet onto the lime curd. Decorate with edible leaves and flowers.

Fifth episode of Kitchens of the Future

Henkelman recommends

Chefs Melanie Stagnaro and Anthony Nicolas Stagnaro use a Henkelman Boxer 35 vacuum sealer with ACS and liquid control in their kitchen. Read more on this table-top model and related vacuum sealers. This was the fifth episode of Kitchens of the Future 2020. The last episode will follow soon, so stay tuned!