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Henkelman vacuum chamber sealer

Complete range of chamber vacuum sealers

Henkelman offers a wide range of professional vacuum pack machines. From the smallest vacuum chamber sealer up to the largest industrial vacuum chamber machines. The vacuum packaging machine with the options and accessories that you need depends on the size of your products, the vacuum bags, quantities and the characteristics of your product.

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A chamber vacuum sealer enables you to extend the shelf life of food products, and to protect and preserve the quality of food and non-food products. Henkelman offers a packaging solution for your specific application.

Henkelman Industrial vacuum chamber machine
Automatic packaging machine Polar 2-85

Henkelman Industrial vacuum chamber machine

Van Melick is one of the top caterers in the Netherlands for years. A longer shelf life is one, but there are more factors that have played a part in the consideration to purchase an industrial vacuum chamber machine. Jorrit van Melick: "We process numerous amounts of meals and ingredients every day. To ensure that these are transported and stored in the most efficient way, vacuum packaging is unavoidable."

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Safety and Quality

Prevents crosscontamination, improves food safety. Protection from dehydration, freezer burn and mold.

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Transport and storage

Optimise the storage and truck space by stacking different foods together.

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Professional presentation

Best condition of food freshness and a professional presentation, hygiene and safety.

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Flexible food packaging

Flexibility in the process. One machine to process a variety of products regardless quantity or specifications.

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