External adapter

Use an external adapter to vacuum pack food in gastronorm containers. Available for all table-top models and the Marlin series.

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External adapter

Vacuum extracting gastronorm containers

With this accessory, vacuum can be extracted in special food packaging gastronorm containers outside the machine. Depending on whether the machine has time or sensor control, the vacuum value is set in seconds or %. It is very important to check first if the container is suitable for vacuum extracting.

Why use an external adapter?

Vacuum extracting containers

By vacuum extracting your product in gastronorm containers you ensure an optimum shelf life extension in cool storage. Your product is protected from the vacuum pressure so it will not be crushed. You can reuse the gastronorm containers endlessly. It is an ideal solution for cost saving and environment friendly food storage.


External adapter

Henkelman recommends

Henkelman offers a complete range of vacuum packaging machines that can be used to pack your food products. The external adapter is one of many accessories available for the table top models and Marlin series. Our recommendations.