Boxer 42XL BA

Boxer 42XL with Bi-active seal

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Technical specifications

Boxer 42XL Bi-active

For vacuum sealing thick and aluminium bags

Chamber dimensions (L x W x H):
460 x 420 x 120 mm
Machine dimensions (L x W x H):
620 x 490 x 453 mm
Seal bar (L):
420 mm
Pump capacity:
21 m³/h
Machine cycle:
15-35 sec


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Technical specifications

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Enjoy the benefits of a Boxer 42XL BA

Possible upgrade to full option

Basic vacuum packaging machine for the food packaging of products with all shapes and dimensions. Available as a basic table-top model and as a full option vacuum packaging machine.

  • Standard with 10 program memory
  • Standard Time control
  • Standard Bi-active seal
  • Standard Soft Air
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Options and accessories

Customize your Boxer 42XL Bi- active

Sensor control

Constant, guaranteed end vacuum


Gas flush

Modified Atmosphere Packaging


Advanced Control

Added value to packaging


Liquid control

For vacuum sealing liquids


ESD configuration

To pack electrostatic products