Jumbo Plus

Fast machine with flat lid and 8 m³/h pump

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Technical specifications

Jumbo Plus

Similar to Mini Jumbo, but with a bigger pump

Chamber dimensions (L x W x H):
310 x 280 x 85 mm
Machine dimensions (L x W x H):
450 x 334 x 305 mm
Seal bar (L):
280 mm
Pump capacity:
8 m³/h
Machine cycle:
15-35 sec


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Technical specifications

For all available options, download the tech specs of the Jumbo Plus

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Enjoy the benefits of a Jumbo Plus

For 'Jumbo' results

Basic vacuum packaging machine equipped for professional usage, at the best available price. Perfect fit for first time packaging experiences.

  • Standard with 1 program memory
  • Standard Time control
  • Standard Double seal
  • Free Cut-off seal
  • Option: High lid
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Options and accessories

Customize your Jumbo Plus

Sensor control

Constant, guaranteed end vacuum


Seal systems

For maximum protection


High lid

To vacuum pack higher products