Neo 42XL

Neo 42XL is a complete table-top model that enables you to be flexible in your every day packaging operations

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Technical specifications

Neo 42XL

Similar to Neo 42, but with a larger vacuum chamber

Chamber dimensions (L x W x H):
460 x 420 x 180 mm
Machine dimensions (L x W x H):
637 x 499 x 466 mm
Seal bar (L):
420 mm
Pump capacity:
21 m³/h
Machine cycle:
15-35 sec


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Technical specifications

For all available options, download the tech specs of the Neo 42XL

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Enjoy the benefits of a Neo 42XL

Revolutionary and full option

Henkelman's latest vacuum packaging machine with a revolutionary design and full option possibilities. Standard with Sensor control and Bluetooth function for wireless printing.

  • Standard Sensor control
  • Standard Touch control
  • Standard with 20 program memory
  • Standard Bluetooth connection
  • Free VacAssist app available
  • Compatible with label printer
  • Hygienic design with round edges
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Options and accessories

Customize your Neo 42XL

Seal systems

For maximum protection


Gas flush

Modified Atmosphere Packaging


Liquid control

For vacuum sealing liquids


Seal configurations

Double or triple your capacity


In full perspective

Neo 42XL