For electrostatic products

ESD configuration

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Why choose ESD?

ESD is the abbreviation of Electrostatic Discharge. When this occurs during the vacuum packaging cycle, it can cause damage to the product. Therefore, Henkelman has developed the option ESD technology for the Boxer 42XL, Falcon 52 and Falcon 80. It is often used to vacuum pack electrical components, such as wafers, chips, motherboards and prints. Ensure maximal ESD security and use special ESD vacuum bags in combination with a vacuum packaging machine equipped with ESD technology.

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ESD on Boxer and Falcon

Henkelman recommends

ESD configuration is a Henkelman option that is only available on Boxer 42XL and the Falcon series. ESD machines are always equipped with Bi-active seal. These are our recommendations.