Henkelman vacuum sealers for money

Can you vacuum seal money?

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Use a vacuum sealer for money

Why vacuum pack banknotes and documents?

Vacuum packaging is an efficient way to keep your money, banknotes and other valuable documents safe and to make storage and transport easier and traceable. Choosing the right vacuum sealer for money depends on your packaging needs in terms of quantity and frequency. Learn more about the benefits.

The Henkelman M-Packer series are especially designed for the packaging of banknotes and important or voluminous documents, like archives, architect drawings, bonds, shares. Vacuum packing the bags provides protection against theft, damage and loss due to  handling. It is also an ideal solution for archiving documents to protect from air, dust, water and UV radiance. Besides, the volume of your packages will be significantly reduced!

By giving each bag a personal identity code with a cliché, the source of each package can be traced. Tampering with the package is easily visible by an increase of air inside the bag or a broken seal. Henkelman M-Packers meet all safety and quality standards. They are supplied with the CE mark issued by Work Safety Association as evidence of safety testing.

M-Packers are modern table-top models with proven packaging achievements. All models are equipped with digital command and maintenance functions. Furthermore, the machines are user friendly, low maintenance and easy to clean.

Advantages of money packaging
• Fraud resistant
• Volume reducing
• Moisture free
• Air and dust free

Pack your money fast and secure

The packaging cycle

The packaging cycle consists of 3 phases. First the air is extracted from the product, the bag and the vacuum chamber up until the pre-set vacuum percentage has been reached. All M-Packers are standard equipped with Sensor control to ensure a guaranteed end vacuum. Second is the seal phase. During this phase, a personal identity code can be engraved into the seal to ensure traceability. The seal protects products effectively against external elements, like moisture and dust. Once the bag has been sealed, the air is brought back into the chamber. As soon as the pressure in the chamber equals the pressure outside, the lid opens automatically. Do you want to know where to buy Henkelman vacuum  sealers for money or do you need more information? Please contact us!

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