Why add a food grade gas?

The use of Gas flush on an industrial vacuum sealer

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Industrial vacuum sealer machine in the food industry

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Food grade gases have a multitude of applications within the food industry, engineered to help drive production benefits, minimise food waste, improve quality and food safety, and increase shelf life. Prior to the seal phase of our machines, adding a gas or nitrogen is a possibility. An industrial vacuum sealer can be equipped with the option Gas flush. This technique is called Modified Atmosphere Packaging, or MAP. Gas flush is optional and available on all our machines except from the Jumbo and Titaan range. Our machines are prepared for gas flush so it can always be built in afterwards. For an industrial vacuum sealer we advise to order the machine with gas flush already build in if it might be needed in the future.

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Full option industrial vacuum sealer

Why use Gas Flush?

Are you looking to preserve your food product naturally? Do you want to achieve a longer shelf life, while maintaining texture, taste and colour? Could you improve production planning, reduce product waste and better meet the expectations? Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) or gas flushing is a proven and natural method of extending the shelf life and quality of food products. It uses a specific single gas or a mixture of gases to create a protective atmosphere around the food. This protective atmosphere, combined with appropriate packaging material and, in many cases, lowered temperatures, preserves the taste, safety and appearance of the food for longer.


Using gas flush on an industrial sealer machine has many advantages. It increases the product’s shelf life and gives extra protection. It also prevents the product from colouring and it protects the structure. Usually, a mixture of nitrogen (N2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) is used. Dioxygen (O2) can also be added to this combination. The use of argon (Ar) has been increasing, as this contains the same properties as nitrogen (N2). For gas mixtures of more than 20% dioxygen (O2) a special pump is needed.


As a manufacturer of vacuum sealers, we build in the gas flush system but we do not supply the gas. Contact your gas supplier that has knowledge about the ideal gas mixture for each food type. Whatever your business size, they will help you along the way, from identifying the best gas mixture for your product to getting you started up. For more information, please contact us with your inquiries related to Gas flush.

Industrial vacuum sealer machine with gas flush

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