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HACCP plans for vacuum sealers

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Vacuum sealers for safe and secure packaging

HACCP in food service and production

In this episode of our 'Inside the box' Podcasts we chat with Mickey Kellerman President of Kellerman consulting. The focus of our discussion was around HACCP within foodservice, it’s impact since being enforced as well as the impact of food safety in 2020 and beyond. HACCP is short for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. We also discussed the challenges faced in an environment that has been very fluid over the last 12 months. Some restaurants are trying to pivot more to a delivery model or start to sell their products in grocery stores, in distribution. Kellerman works with restaurants that are either turning their existing restaurant into commissary kitchens or getting other facilities to start production. We asked Mickey to look into his crystal ball and give us his insights on how food safety and COVID will impact the near and distance future in food service and whether vacuum sealers will play a bigger role in food safety.

Some background on Kellerman Consulting. Kellerman Consulting, have helped 500+ clients throughout the food supply chain to assess, write, implement, and gain approval for their food safety programs and GFSI certifications. Two brothers, Mickey and Brian Kellerman, started Kellerman Consulting in 2017 to bring together their passions for problem-solving, education, and serving others. Over the years they developed a reputation for getting results. Responsive, straightforward, and dedicated to their clients, with a success rate of 100% due to staying with their clients until they pass, no matter what.

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HACCP plan for vacuum sealers

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