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Henkelman vacuum sealers in foodservice for schools

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Meals to take home for students

Implementation of Henkelman technology

In this second episode of our 'Inside the box' Podcasts, we chatted with Jeff Fell, senior director of culinary operations at Quest Food Management Systems. We discussed several topics related to the impact of COVID with the main focus on how and what has changed in delivering food to kids and young adults in schools and colleges. Jeff and Quest are turning to technology to help streamline while reducing food waste & cost, this is where Henkelman’s offerings have stood out for Quest. Jeff talks about their recent implementation of the Henkelman vacuum sealers and CombiVac bags with trays for meals. The program now is running smooth and people are excited to use it. The CombiVac vacuum bags they use are recycable and can be reheated directly in a microwave. He also explains how vacuum packaging will play a role in foodservice for schools as kids return to full time education.

Some background info on Quest:

Quest was founded in 1985 in Lombard Illinois (suburbs of Chicago, IL) by current CEO/Owners father Mike McTaggert. Primarily a K-12 food service management company. Quest has since branched into higher education,  business & industry. Recently Quest has expanded its footprint to Indianapolis, Detroit, and Milwaukee. The company was built around the principle of fresh scratch cooking in schools and continues to be their driving factor of success, paired with intense personal relationships with all of their clients. Ranked #33 in Food Managements Magazine top 50 food management companies in the US in 2019.

To find out more about Quest please visit their website: www.questfms.com

In each episode of our podcasts we will be exploring the challenges and opportunities faced with experts within the foodservice world with varying backgrounds. Our aim is to provide the listeners with up to date inside information that can help shape and educate as this industry moves through a difficult period.

Henkelman vacuum sealers for schools

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