Podcast with Henkelman Manufacturers REPs in Foodservice

Opportunities for Henkelman vacuum sealers

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Podcast with PJ Lamb, Bobby Moccia & Steve Safron

Henkelman vacuum sealers Manufacturers REPs in Foodservice

Because we are interested in how our partners are dealing with the challenges and opportunities of today’s uncertain world, we decided to make 'Inside the Box' podcasts with a great line- up of expert guests that give their unique culinary inside. In this episode we sat down with PJ Lamb Principle at PB&J Commercial Agents, Bobby Moccia principle at Desert Peak Marketing and Steve Safron Principle at Inform Foodservice Solutions (formerly Foodservice Solutions Group). We took a dive into the world of manufacturers reps and got their input into the ever-changing world of foodservice. We dial in on the current challenges faced moving onto how this industry could or will change and what those opportunities look like, especially for Henkelman CombiVac vacuum sealers.

Some background on the 3 companies:

Inform Foodservice Solutions provides quality and cost-effective equipment solutions to our customers. They are the liaison between the manufacturer and the customer, helping to create the most effective programming and pricing, making the products marketable to the end-user. Our mission is to represent both the factory and the dealer/distributor and building a mutually beneficial relationship for all; creating successful, long term relationships is their primary goal.

Desert Peak Marketing was founded in 2012, Desert Peak Marketing (DPM) at its core brings industry knowledge and experience with perspectives from many different market segments, collectively encompassing 75+ years Foodservice Industry expertise amongst its Principals and leadership. DPM’s well-balanced sales and support team brings a collaborative mix of skills and energized spirit, ensuring current and long-term solutions for your needs and continual support.

PB&J Commercial Agents PJ Lamb and Carl Boutilier came together in 2015 to create a new rep firm.  One focused on premium equipment.  Hard work.  Long term value.  Friendships. Second generation manufacturer's representative and proud Chicago native, PJ lives and breathes the details of food service equipment. He has been in the business since 1999. Since 1982, Carl has been in food service both as an operator and manufacturer's representative.  Carl has served on several boards and has been awarded FES Magazine's Top Achiever Award. 

Opportunities Henkelman vacuum sealers

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