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More demand of vacuum sealers in Japan during Covid 19

More demand of vacuum sealers in Japan

Experiences of a Henkelman Export manager

You can find Henkelman vacuum sealers all over the world. We work with a large network of local distributors. Therefore, our export managers normally travel extensively to visit customers for training and sales support. Unfortunately, since the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, traveling is no longer possible. A lot can be discussed via digital meetings and telephone, but the personal contact with our customers is sorely missed.

Our new Export Manager for Japan, Takuma Kagawa, has been with Henkelman since April. Exceptionally he was lucky to be able to travel to visit our Japanese distributors but also to see his family again after a long time. Takuma moved to the Netherlands especially for Henkelman!

He shares with us the experiences he gains during his stay in Japan in this strange time.

'As soon as I arrived at the airport in Osaka, I had the corona test, which took an hour in total. My family had to pick me up as it’s forbidden to use a public transport from the airport to home. My test result was negative so I was quarantined at home for 2 weeks, which made me very tired physically and mentally. But if the test had been positive, I would have been taken to a hospital directly from the airport.

99.999% of people here are wearing face masks. I have seen only 2 people who were not wearing masks for the last 3 weeks. But wearing a mask is such a common culture for us already. Except the fact that everybody is wearing masks, everything else is working quite normally.

All the restaurants are open.  It’s very common to go for a drink with colleagues after work in Japan but due to Corona, many companies do not recommend the employees to do so. But still many people are dining out.

COVID19 has made Take-out food more common here and also the government gives subsidy to the restaurants. The demand of vacuum sealers has increased because of this. Unfortunately most of the food exhibitions got cancelled.

People here think that the postponed Tokyo Olympic games will not be held considering the situation of the case of Covid numbers in other countries. The Japanese people thought that recession would happen as the Olympic was cancelled but actually things are very okay here!'

Henkelman ensures safety for your product

Hygiene and safety for take away meals

Also in Japan due to the actual situation with Covid -19, more and more food products and to go meals are being delivered or taken out. With your Henkelman vacuum sealer you can guarantee arrival of a safe vacuum packed product. By using the vacuum sealer you are not only sealing in the freshness but you are also hermetically sealing the product from being tampered with.

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