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Henkelman offers 3 series of vacuum bags

Henkelman CombiVac vacuum bags

The latest technology in vacuum bags is now! Henkelman is introducing 3 series of bags: The CombiVac Preserve bag, CombiVac Pure bag and CombiVac Performance bag

CombiVac bags are made for any chamber vacuum sealer and for use in commercial food service or production operations. These bags are ideal for storing, extending shelf life, portion control, sous vide cooking and more. The temperature holding range for Preserve & Pure bags is -40f to 250f and for the Performance it’s -20f to 400f. All our bags are BPA-free, FDA approved and made in the US in a USDA organic certified facility.

CombiVac Preserve vacuum bag
13% less plastic than a regular vacuum bag

CombiVac Preserve vacuum bag

CombiVac Preserve bag series are constructed of a nine-layer coextruded film with a minimum of 20% nylon. These vacuum pouches use 13% less plastic than a standard 3mil vacuum bag and are engineered to provide optimal sealing, and barrier properties. The preserve bags have outstanding strength, puncture resistance, high contact clarity and gloss. The unique construction provides excellent oxygen and aroma barrier that extends the products shelf life and enhances food flavor. It has a wide temperature range for many applications, especially suited for foodservice, storage, sous vide and retherm.

We offer Preserve vacuum bags in 3 different sizes of 2.5/65 Microns. Find out more in the spec sheet and contact us for prices!

Spec sheet
100% recycable!

CombiVac Pure vacuum bag

The 100% recyclable CombiVac Pure bag series is a multilayer barrier film that provides both high moisture and oxygen barrier properties. Our recyclable film has an innovative construction with a superior oxygen barrier and furthers our sustainable initiatives.. 100% recyclable PE films formed into 3 side sealed vacuum pouches.

We offer Combivac Pure vacuum bags in 3 different sizes of 3/75 Microns. Find out more in the spec sheet and contact us for prices!

Spec sheet
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CombiVac Performance vacuum bag
Recycable and suitable for microwave & oven

CombiVac Performance vacuum bag

The CombiVac Performance bag series incorporates a new technology in vacuum bags. This recyclable 2mil/50u film gives you all the benefits that our Preserve & Pure series include, it has added features. The Performance bag series allows you to elevate your meal & grab’n’go programs. Package meals/snacks once a week, seal in the freshness & extend the shelf life Great solution for customers, students, guests & patients – reheat & serve on site or at home. These meal kits can easily be refrigerated or frozen for later use.The Performance series include a recyclable technology and a new self-venting system. The self-venting technology allows excess steam to be released without damaging the film or product during heating.

We offer the CombiVac Performance vacuum bag in different sizes, check out the spec sheet and contact us for prices!


Spec sheet

Safety and Quality

Prevents crosscontamination, improves food safety. Protection from dehydration, freezer burn and mold.

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Transport and storage

Optimise the storage and truck space by stacking different foods together.

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Professional presentation

Best condition of food freshness and a professional presentation, hygiene and safety.

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Flexible food packaging

Flexibility in the process. One machine to process a variety of products regardless quantity or specifications.