All Henkelman vacuum sealers are easy to maintain and clean. Inside and out. Preventive or whenever necessary. We have designed our equipment especially to this purpose. Learn all about Henkelman maintenance.

Run the C-program every 1 or 2 days

Pump maintenance

The pump is the heart of your vacuum sealer. For that, it should be held in perfect condition. Every Henkelman machine is equipped with a pump maintenance or pump cleaning program. By extracting moisture from the pump oil, the pump is cleaned and corrosion is prevented. The Henkelman maintenance program is easy to activate with the click of a button.

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Maintenance alert

All Henkelman control panels can be programmed to generate a maintenance alert every random number of cycles. When the machine has run the programmed number of cycles, the C of Conditioning starts flickering. It's a standard feature on all Henkelman machines and available for free. Ask your distributor for more information or contact us.

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Smart design solutions

Easy clean concept

Henkelman offers several smart design and construction solutions. The deep drawn vacuum chambers in all table-top models are a good example. Every corner is easy to reach and easy to clean. Furthermore, certain models have flat work surfaces, without any cables or welding seams in the chamber. Besides, seal bars and insert plates are ease to remove, and the stainless steel housing facilitates quick and easy cleaning. 

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Come standard with the machines

Service kits

Use a Henkelman service kit for primary maintenance of your vacuum sealer. All kits include seal wires, teflon tape and teflon band, a lid gasket, oil for the pump and a silicone profile for the contra bar. Oil for the pump is not included in Polar service kits. Henkelman service kits come standard with the machines and are available as an after-sales part.