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Chawanmushi and White chocolate mousse

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Kitchens of the Future

Last Episode with William Eick

In this last episode of Chef's Rolls Kitchens of the Future, Chef William Eick uses a Henkelman vacuum sealer, a Rational iCombi Pro, and an Irinox blast chiller to make Chawanmushi and a white chocolate mousse. He demonstrates that this technology allows for more consistency - meaning there are fewer errors made and less waste created during even a large scale production.

Ingredients and method of prep


This is a basic Chawanmushi. Whisk together a single egg with roast chicken dashi. Bring it over to the Rational combi oven. This allows the Chawanmushi to steam and bake at the  same time without having a skim form.

Grill the cabbage in the combi oven using the special grill plates. Blend the cabbage with a little bit of chicken dashi and sesame oil,  reserving the outside leaves. Than can compress the cabbage juice into the outside roasted leaves using the Henkelman vacuum sealer.

To make the leather, roast mushrooms in sesame oil and then add in a little bit of roast chicken dashi just to cook them down and help make the blending  part smooth. Then move to the combi oven and set it on a dehydrating temp for a few hours to slowly dry out the puree. Than immediately move to the Irinox blast chiller to quickly cool down.

With small dill sprigs and flowers


Add some of the roasted cabbage leaves in the middle of the plate with the Chawanmushi. Add some of the leather on top. Decorate with small dill sprigs and flowers, sprinkle with a little pepper.

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White chocolate mousse
Use the tenderizing function

White chocolate mousse

To make this aerated white chocolate mousse, first make a custard base, heating a little bit of cream and then adding in sugar and egg yolk whisking until it's become nape. Melt the white chocolate in the Combi oven at 225 with 50 percent humidity to just quickly temper the chocolate before folding it in.  

Once the custard base is cool enough, fold it into whipped cream. Using the Henkelman CombiVac vacuum sealer you are able to use the tenderizing function to aerate the chocolate and create a nice fluffy texture. Quickly remove it and put it in the blast chiller to hold the texture and all the  air bubbles inside of it. We're able to create an even lighter texture on an already light  white chocolate mousse.



Put some white chocolate mousse on a nice plate. Add some bresilienne nuts and some macha powder. Decorate with small dill sprigs.

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Last episode of Kitchens of the Future

Henkelman recommends

Chef William Eick uses a Henkelman CombiVac Boxer 35 vacuum sealer in his kitchen. Read more on this table-top model and related vacuum sealers. This was the last episode of Kitchens of the Future 2020!