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Octopus Kilawin and Halo halo

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Kitchens of the Future

Third Episode with Chef DJ Tangalin

In this third episode of Chef's Roll's KOTF, Chef DJ Tangalin shows you how he makes smart use of his kitchen equipment for his dishes and desserts. For the Octopus dish the inspiration comes from the Philippines, the Kilawin, that is usually served with fish. The dessert that he is presenting, Halo halo, is a traditional Filipino dessert with a lot of different vegetables.

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Octopus Kilawin
Ingredients and method of prep

Octopus Kilawin

To make the octopus more tender, put the octopus in a vacuum cooking bag with the marinade and use the Henkelman vacuum sealer with the tenderize function. Using this function also cuts the marinating process by 50%.

Than put the bags inside the Rational  iCombi pro and use the steam technology to create a cooking environment very similar to a circulator, to vacuum cook the octopus.

After the octopus has been cooked, to make sure it stays tender, use the Irinox blast chiller to cool it down and get the food trough the safe zone in a matter of minutes.

This all safes a lot of time because a big quantity of food can be prepared, cooled down and kept for later use.

With sausage and vegetables


The octopus is served with stewed carrots, Longanissa and roasted vegetables.

Halo halo
Use a Henkelman vacuum sealer for sous vide

Halo halo

Halo halo is a traditional dessert from the Philippines using a lot of different vegetables cooked in simple syrup, topping up with ice, milk and ice cream.

Make Ube Horchata by soaking rice and cinnamon with Ube water. Puree it with milk and strain it. Put the Ube Horchata in the blast chiller to turn it into ice. This allows for a different texture and modern twist on a Filipino classic.

Vacuum pack sweet potato and plantains with simple syrup and steam it in the Combi oven for 20 minutes. Cool it down in the blast chiller.


Plate up

Put some broken Ube ice on a plate, add some glazed green cherries, sweetened red munggo and white beans. Also add the steamed sweet potato and plantains, some sweetened macapuno on top and finish off with pinipig.

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Third episode of Kitchens of the Future

Henkelman recommends

Chef DJ Tangalin uses a Henkelman CombiVac Boxer 35 vacuum sealer in his kitchen. Read more on this table-top model and related chamber machines. This was the third episode of Kitchens of the Future 2020. Three episodes will follow, so stay tuned!