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Use a vacuum packer to make a perfect dessert

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A vacuum packer for a perfect dessert

Latest Episode of KOTF with Chef Brad Kilgore

In this new episode of Chef's Rolls Kitchens of the Future, Chef Brad Kilgore uses a Henkelman vacuum packer, a Rational iCombi Pro, and an Irinox blast chiller to make a perfect dessert with flexible peach curd, cornmeal cake, peach fluid gel, and crispy kataifi. In order to eliminate the human error and have consistency and accuracy, he is always using the most modern technology in the kitchen. Everything comes out the same every single time.

Cornmeal cake and Kataifi
Ingredients and method of prep

Cornmeal cake and Kataifi

Brad is using the Rational oven to bake this cornmeal cake. It allows it to get a gentle brown coloring on the outside and a creamy texture on the inside. He folds the kataifi with a mixture of water and egg whites so it glues together but stays crisp, dusting it with sea salt and cinnamon and a hint of sugar. A custom setting allows to bake the cornmeal cake and the kataifi at the same time using two different timers. Both of these were cooked at 335 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity level was kept high to keep the moisture in the cake but it still baked the phyllo until crisp.

Use a vacuum packer to remove bubbles

Peach fluid gel

In order to make a very smooth fluid gel, everything needs to be hydrated together at the right temperature. Take peach puree, sugar, agar agar, citric acid, and a little bit of sea salt. Take this to 210 degrees Fahrenheit using the probe on the Control Freak to ensure accuracy of temperature. Once the fluid gel is hydrated, place it into the MultiFresh Irinox to cool as quickly as possible. 

In the kitchen, time is money. Once the gel is set, blend until smooth in order to get the clearest fluid gel possible. You need to remove all the air bubbles. Use the standard vacuum function on the Henkelman vacuum packer. Do it twice to ensure all the bubbles are out and that the sauce is very clear.  Press the stop button if the fluid tends to run over.

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Peach curd Brad Kilgore.png
With fresh peaches

Flexible peach curd

Take fresh peaches and gently blend them to make the peach puree, fold it with sugar, xanthan gum, citric acid, heavy cream, and fresh eggs. Altogether this is very similar to a classic curd but the addition of the gelatin gives it the flexibility. It's extremely important to cook this in the Rational iCombi Pro. The low fan speed keeps it from getting ripples in the texture at the top of the curd and the humidity keeps it from drying out on top. When it's finished cooking to temperature, quickly cool it in the MultiFresh next. Cooling the curd down quickly is very important for the final texture and you can plate it directly out of the MultiFresh which saves a lot of time.

Final touch

Plate it with a twist

To show off the flexibility of the curd, plate it with a twist in the middle then add torn pieces of the cornmeal cake and next the fresh peach fluid gel followed by the triple cream espuma, and finally the crispy kataifi. Brad likes to create and be imaginative. Using the vacuum packer and other equipment allows him to achieve anything he can imagine.

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New episode of Kitchens of the Future

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