Use a vacuum sealer for your food product

What are the benefits of vacuum sealing food?

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Use a vacuum sealer for your food product

What are the benefits of vacuum sealing food?

With a professional vacuum sealer it’s possible to extract up to 99.8% of the air from a food product, food package and vacuum chamber.

The company Van Melick is one of the top caterers in the Netherlands for years. The company is familiar with a vacuum sealer to pack soups, sauces, fish, meat and other products. In addition to the vacuum sealer Boxer 42, a full option Henkelman Polar 2-85 double chamber with Automatic lid was installed.

A longer shelf life is one, but there are more factors that have played a part in the consideration to purchase an industrial model. Jorrit van Melick: "We process numerous amounts of meals and ingredients every day. To ensure that these are transported and stored in the most efficient and safe way, vacuum packaging is unavoidable."

Vacuum packing food products has many benefits.

Vacuum packing your product reduces bacterial growth and thereby extends the shelf life of your food products, without the necessity of adding preservatives. You then have the advantage of using, selling and serving your products for an extended period of time.

Hermetically sealing the bag prevents crosscontamination of your product from external influences and improves food safety. Besides preventing cross-contamination, food is also protected from atmospheric dehydration, freezer burn and mold. You then have the ability to let your products mature without mass nor aroma loss.

Like Jorrit van Melick said, optimizing the use of your valuable storage and truck space allows all available shelves to be used efficiently by stacking different foods together. No spoilage of your products and no cross-contamination nor odors! Extending the shelf life of your products allows you to buy in larger quantities of seasonal products for example, and thereby improve portion control.

From purchase and preparation to presentation. Vacuum packing always ensures the best condition of food freshness and a professional presentation. Other important aspects are the hygiene and safety standards you must comply with. Make sure you follow the latest regulatory requirements and only use quality vacuum packaging machines for your professional applications.

Sous-vide cooking, or low temperature cooking, offers several advantages in terms of food quality and organizational benefits. By using a Henkelman vacuum packaging machine, you ensure that your food product is vacuum packed correctly, so you can safely start and prepare food and meals sous-vide.

Safely package your product

A vacuum sealer ensures hygiene and safety

Due to the actual situation with Covid -19 more and more food products and to go meals are being delivered by delivery services. With your Henkelman vacuum sealer you can guarantee arrival of a safe vacuum packed product. By using the vacuum sealer you are not only sealing in the freshness but you are also hermetically sealing the product from being tampered with.

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A Henkelman for your food product

Henkelman vacuum sealers

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