External transport conveyor

Use an external transport conveyor to create an automatic line. Only to be used in combination with Titaan.

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Create an automatic line with Titaan & DT 200A

Henkelman's external transport conveyor

The external transport conveyor is used to transfer your products automatically from the automatic vacuum packaging machine to the rest of your production line.

The transport conveyor is available in 2 sizes: 400 x 3000 mm or 600 x 3000 mm. It is to be used in comination with the Titaan 2-90.

Create an automatic line with Henkelman
Titaan 2-90 & DT 200 A

Create an automatic line with Henkelman

Together with the Titaan 2-90 and the Diptank 200 A you can create an automatic line for efficient and optimal packaging of your product. This line also allows operators to experience a huge ergonomic advantage.


External transport conveyor

Henkelman recommends

Henkelman offers an external transport conveyor that can be used in your production line. Ideal is a combination with Titaan 2-90 and DT 200A to create a fully automatic line. Our recommendations.