How to vacuum seal liquids?

Liquid control

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Suitable for liquid, moist en wet products

Why use Liquid control?

Wet and liquid products quickly reach their boiling point during the vacuum packaging cycle. Reducing the pressure in the chamber below atmospheric pressure causes fluids to boil at room temperature and cooks products when cold. 

The Liquid control sensor detects the evaporation of the liquid product. The machine then stops extracting the air and proceeds automatically with the next phase, the sealing of the vacuum bag.  


For a perfect product placement, use an inclined insert plate.

Benefit from this option to prevent damage to both your vacuum packaging machine and the liquid product.

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How to vacuum seal liquids?
Suitable for soups and sauces

How to vacuum seal liquids?

To prevent a soup or sauce 'explosion' in the vacuum chamber, use the Henkelman Liquid control option. No more loss of product. No more mess in the chamber. No more fluid running into the pump. Protect your product, machine and pump by choosing Liquid control. Operation is easy. 


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Not available on Jumbo models

Option Liquid control

Liquid control is a Henkelman option that is available on models with a digital 10 program panel, an easy control interface (Aero) or an ACS panel. Henkelman's recommendations.

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