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Vacuum sealers and the impact of Covid

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Vacuum sealers for take out dining experiences

The impact of COVID in Food service

In this episode of our 'Inside the Box' Podcasts, we talk with Tim Mussig Executive Vice President & CEO of the JB Prince Company. Tim is a food service veteran, from humbling begins of working in kitchens to working his way up the industry ladder. Our focus was on the impact of COVID for foodservice dealers and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. As we dived a little deeper into the current situation and discussed what is next, we really unearthed some good potential and hope for the marketplace. Restaurants for example will figure out ways to not only get people on the seats but also try to capture some of the take out dining experiences. That's here to stay. Streamline operations is also getting more important, to cut costs. Tim and JB’s challenges are not uncommon, having said that his attitude towards them gives us all a sense of light at the end of the COVID tunnel.

A little background on JB Prince:

JB Prince offers a collection of high-quality restaurant small wares from around the world. Their reputation and 44-year history have made them an industry leader and resource for fine dining restaurants, cruise lines and resorts across the United states and beyond.  Their curated collection of chefs driven tools is thoughtful and, in many cases, specialized. They strive not only to outfit their clients with top quality tools but also offer guidance and look to educate their customers.

To find out more about JB Prince please visit their website or stay updated with them on Instagram .

Vacuum sealers in Food service

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