Vacuum sealers for central kitchens

Henkelman vacuum sealers are frequently used in central and commissary kitchens to extend the shelf life of food products, optimize storage and workflow and reduce waste. Save money by cutting the costs!

Packaging solutions in commissary kitchens

Why vacuum seal food?

Schools, hospitals, homes, casinos, big hotels etc. with multiple kitchens produce lots of meals a day. To optimize storage and workflow they use a Henkelman vacuum sealer. Learn more about our range for commissary kitchens and start working smarter!

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Quality and safety

No crosscontamination nor dehydration. Maturation without mass nor aroma loss.

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Storage and portion control

Stack different foods together and optimize storage. No waste. And buy larger quantities of seasonal products.

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Professional and HACCP

Ensure the best conditions of food freshness and a professional presentation, hygiene and safety.

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Standard CombiVac technology

Marinate, tenderize and infuse your food products. Benefit from standard CombiVac technology.

"It's all about simplicity"
Chef's Choice

"It's all about simplicity"

"As for the use of my Henkelman vacuum sealers, they are the best I've used. Super simple to use, program and incredibly versatile. The simplicity of the units, no matter what model, also enables me to train staff so they can be successful in my specific packaging needs. I will forever bring a Henkelman unit into all my operations. Heck, I love them so much I bought a small table-top model for my house!"

Christopher Haydostian, MCFE is Executive Chef and General Manager at St. David's Healthcare in Austin, TX. With over 14 years of progressive leadership experience in managing overall financial and kitchen functions in a wide variety of dining venues, he knows how to save money and optimize kitchen workflow. 

Polar 80
Vacuum sealers for commissary kitchens

Henkelman recommends

Henkelman offers a complete range of chamber vacuum sealers that can be used to pack your food products. Numerous machines and options are available. Our recommendations.

Options and accessories

Customize your machine

Seal systems

For maximum protection


Gas flush

Modified Atmosphere Packaging


Seal bar configurations

Double or triple your capacity


Soft Air

To vacuum seal sharp products


Liquid control

For vacuum sealing liquids


High lid

To vacuum seal higher products


Automatic lid

Improve your workflow