Endless possibilities in food packaging

Why use a CombiVac?

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Benefit from a variety of food packaging functions

Why choose a Combivac?

A professional chamber vacuum sealer is mainly used to extend the shelf life and ensure the quality of food. But there is so much more you can do with a vacuum sealer. Choosing Henkelman's CombiVac technology, enables you to marinate, tenderize and infuse your food products. Read more about the endless possibilities to prep and pack your food.

Available on Boxer, Lynx and Marlin series

How to choose your CombiVac?

To fully benefit from the numerous advantages of CombiVac technology, you need a vacuum sealer with a CombiVac panel. This is Henkelman's Advanced Control System. It is available as an option on the Boxer and Marlin series. The Lynx series is standard equipped with Advanced Control.

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