Vacuum packaging in non-food industry

Learn more about the benefits and Henkelman's range of table tops and industrial vacuum sealers for the non-food industry.

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Industrial vacuum sealer or table top for non-food

Why vacuum pack non-food products?

Industrial vacuum sealers and table top machines have become a common asset in several non-food sectors, especially in electronical, mechanical, medical and financial industries. The choice for the appropriate model depends on the type of product, its size and other characteristics. Learn more about the benefits and our vacuum packaging range for non-food industries on this page. You can also read our blog for more information.

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Optimal protection against external influences, such as dirt, dust, moisture, scratches and dehydration.

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Volume reduction

Realize significant savings on storage and transport with your compact vacuum packed products.

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Process optimization

Improve your logistics and operations by sorting complete and composed packages of your assembled products.

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Fraud prevention

Secure your valuable goods by vacuum sealing them. Special option is a date and user code imprinted in the seal.

Vacuum packing sneakers
Special event in London, Paris & Milan

Vacuum packing sneakers

An interesting, innovating way of using our quality chamber vacuum packaging machines. During a special event in London, Paris and Milan, a well known sneaker brand surprised their customers with a very special gift bag. The sneakers they bought were beautifully vacuum packed with our table top Jumbo 42 !

Credits to Jam Jam Marketing!

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Eppendorf chose for the Henkelman Polar

Industrial vacuum sealer in clean rooms

Eppendorf is a leading life science company that develops and sells instruments, consumables, and services for liquid, sample, and cell handling in laboratories worldwide. In one of their clean rooms they use a Polar 80 to optimize their production process. An installation with external pump well done by our distributor from Brussels, the company Verboonen. 

Polar 80
Industrial vacuum sealers for non-food industry

Henkelman recommends

Henkelman offers a complete range of table tops and industrial vacuum sealers that can be used to pack your non-food products. Our recommendations.

Use a table top or industrial vacuum sealer

Non-food packaging

Options and accessories

Customize your machine

CombiVac technology

Added value to packaging


Gas flush

Modified Atmosphere Packaging


Seal bar configurations

Double or triple your capacity


Heavy duty technology

For heavy duty food packaging