Low temperature or vacuum cooking

Sous-vide cooking

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Packaging solutions

Why cook sous-vide?

Sous-vide cooking or vacuum cooking is a simple but efficient cooking technique that ensures every product being cooked at exactly the right, constant and low temperature in a bath or oven.

  • Consistent high-quality
  • 100% natural, healthy cooking
  • A true time saver
  • Cost efficient cooking method
  • Optimized kitchen organisation
  • Suitable for small and large groups
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Main steps
From prep to plate

Main steps

Cooking vacuum packed food at a consistent low temperature. That's the basic principle of sous-vide cooking. The main steps to take: preparation, vacuum packaging, cooking and cooling down. Meat, fish, fruit and vegetables are cut, peeled and placed in a bag with extra herbs and spices, then vacuum packed, cooked, cooled, and then served or stored. Find out more in our blog!

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3. Cook

Put the package in a thermal water bath or oven and cook it at a low temperature.

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4. Cool

Cool the food before storing it. Mind all safety regulations.


5. Serve or store

Serve or store your sous-vide meals or vacuum packages.

Ambassador Chef

Rosendale Online

Cooking vacuum packed food at a consistent low temperature. That's the basic principle of sous-vide cooking. One of the most talented, demanding and creative chefs in sous-vide cooking is Rich Rosendale. And Henkelman has partnered with his Rosendale Collective. Want to learn new recipes and cooking techniques? Check out his latest project: Rosendale Online

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Henkelman features Chef's Roll
24h sous-vide Bulgogi short ribs

Henkelman features Chef's Roll

How to use a CombiVac sealer in your commercial kitchen for sous-vide cooking? Chef Mikel Anthony of Chef's Roll Test Kitchen shows you how it's done. His 24h sous-vide Bulgogi short ribs are in this first episode. Click the link to watch the video. Recipe included.

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International Sous Vide Day

On January 26th, we have been celebrating International Sous Vide Day. An initiative of Cuisine Solutions and the Research and Education Company (CREA) in honour of the birthday of Dr. Bruno Goussault, the father of modern sous vide. Find out more about the events on ISVD.

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Vacuum sealers for sous-vide cooking

Henkelman recommends

Henkelman offers a complete range of vacuum sealers that can be used to pack your food products. Numerous machines and options are available, such as the CombiVac technology. Our recommendations.

Options and accessories

Customize your machine for sous-vide cooking

Seal systems

For maximum protection


Soft Air

To vacuum seal sharp products


CombiVac technology

Added value to packaging


Seal bar configurations

Double or triple your capacity


Liquid control

For vacuum sealing liquids