Packaging solutions for supermarkets

An increasing number of supermarkets and grocery stores rely on a vacuum sealer to extend the shelf life of their assortment and ensure a professional presentation. Learn more about the possibilities and the range of CombiVac sealers for supermarkets, retailers and grocery stores.

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Quality and safety

Prevents crosscontamination, improves food safety. Protection from dehydration, freezer burn and mold.

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Storage and transport

Optimisation of storage by storing different foods together. Also convenient for transport.

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Authentic product presentation

Best condition of food freshness and an authentic, professional presentation for optimal customer experiences.

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Flexibility in food packaging

For flexibility in packaging. One machine to pack a variety of products, regardless quantity or specification.

How to vacuum seal glass jars
Ecological and economical

How to vacuum seal glass jars

  • Fill the product to about a couple of millimeters below the top surface of the jar.
  • Tighten the twist lid manually. In case of a glass lid, place the rubber gasket and glass lid without pressing.
  • Place the jar(s) in the vacuum chamber.
  • The vacuum level must be set to the maximum or use liquid control. The sealing time must be set to the minimum and soft air switched off or use the jars function on your CombiVac.
  • Close the lid to start the operation. Check if the jars are completely closed after the cycle is completed. Metal lids can be checked by the pit and the sound of it. Not all metal lids are suitable for vacuum sealing. There must be material in the rim to be able to hermetically seal the jar.

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New concept for retailers

Ready Chef Go

Henkelman has brought a new concept to the table. Ready Chef Go. Ready to cook in a bag meals that are oven, microwave and even grill proof. This allows retailers to use our CombiVac technology to marinate, tenderize or infuse the meals in the bag before vacuum sealing it.

More about Ready Chef Go
Vacuum sealers for supermarkets

Henkelman recommends

Henkelman offers a complete range of vacuum sealers that can be used to pack your food products. Numerous machines and options available, suitable for supermarkets. Our recommendations.

Options and accessories

Customize your machine

Sensor control

Constant, guaranteed end vacuum


CombiVac technology

Added value to packaging


Seal bar configurations

Double or triple your capacity


Liquid control

For vacuum sealing liquids


Seal systems

For maximum protection


Soft Air

To vacuum seal sharp products


Gas flush

Modified Atmosphere Packaging


Best of two worlds: dry aging and wet aging

All meat must age to become tender and tasty. And what is the best way? Dry-ageing is hot. But there are other ways to age meat too. Like wet aging in a vacuum bag. This enhances the effect of dry aging.

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